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The Secret

One Distinction That Makes All The Difference.

There are multiple qualities that differentiate successful people from the rest of the crowd:

  • high energy level
  • a clear vision
  • persistence
  • attitude towards fears
  • persistence after failures

…just to name a few.

Nevertheless one particular attitude stands out and serves as a basis and foundation for the other qualities:

It’s the person’s ability to seek and accept help, especially professional help.

Why do you think top athletes (who are already the best in their field) continue to hire coaches and trainers? Why does the corporate world invest more than 16 billion dollars annually in coaching and training?

Where the majority of people see a waste of time and money the top achievers see investment in their future and shortcuts to their goals.

While the majority of people spend years trying to get certain results on their own by “re-inventing the bicycle” successful people hire coaches/trainers and use proven methodology to get to their desired destinations in months and/or weeks.

There are two structural elements to any success: Information and Implementation.

Thanks to the technological revolution Information has become available and accessible to everyone. Unfortunately without Implementation the first part of the puzzle just does not work.

Nowadays we are overloaded with information and it often turns into a handicap and distraction on our way to success. So what is The Secret of effective Implementation?

The Secret…

The Secret of powerful and effective Implementation is HIRING AND WORKING WITH A PROFESSIONAL.

Unfortunately, for most people, hiring and working with a professional coach towards their goal is not possible. Coaching & training services up until now were affordable only to highly paid individuals, CEOs, managers, business owners etc.

…but not any more!

Create My Key project’s mission: coaching & training for everyone!

When you buy a book, informational dvd, prerecorded course or even attend a 1-2 day workshop you usually get access to only the first part of the Success puzzle: Information.

Here below you’ll find the missing pieces of the Secret of Implementation. These are essential elements for your success, which you usually don’t get when you buy or find just the Information, and this is exactly what we offer you if you join our programs.


We all have “blind spots” and perceive things around us with a certain bias. It is a huge advantage to have a person who has no agenda except the intention to help you to succeed, who provides you with qualified and professional feedback. This is an essential benefit which comes from having a personal coach/trainer – and no book or prerecorded program can ever deliver that.


It is one thing to have instructions or some description of the steps you are supposed to follow, but when you have an actual schedule of your work toward the goal, the description takes root, becomes tangible, and shifts begin to happen.

You will be taken by the hand and walked through clear stages of development. It’s like taking a train. As soon as you have bought your ticket and boarded, there is no need to wonder whether you will arrive at your destination or not. You will.


There is a big difference between walking on your own on a new path and walking with people around you who know the path thoroughly. There are multiple nuances in any area of expertise. No book or audio/video prerecorded course can prepare you for all the possible difficulties and traps along your journey. There must be someone experienced who will be walking with you. This is the best way to secure and guarantee the result.

Ongoing Motivation & Accountability

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”–Zig Ziglar

It’s very difficult to stay motivated from a book or audio/video program. The majority of books and programs end up on dusty shelves and in boxes kept in the storage room. “I will definitely read it one day” is a classical statement of disguised procrastination.

There are three “secret elements” that can change this situation dramatically: focus, focus and focus! Keep your focus through interactions with your group, keep your focus through the reminders and the guidance of your coach/trainer, keep your focus and motivation through observing and learning from the successes and failures of all your group. Just keep your focus and take the next small step forward.


Unique psycho-technological tools (our own development) in combination with innovative ways of delivering coaching/training to a group of participants allow us substantially reduce costs and make our programs affordable to practically anyone. The combination of live (online) sessions with an automated (out of classroom) but personalized home – based coaching process insures a high quality service and results.


What’s the point of having a compass and map if you have no idea where you are now? We have developed multiple online instruments (psycho-technological tools) which demonstrate the starting point of your journey in areas such as: definition and goal setup, energy level, mindset and more. This kind of knowledge gives you a huge advantage and dramatically increases your chances of success.

Opportunity to model

Recent discoveries in neuroscience indicate that humans (and close relatives) have a unique set of neurons which gives them huge advantage over other species. Scientists call them “mirror neurons” because they allow humans to learn and imitate someone’s behavior and skill simply by observation.

Instead of passing new skills from generation to generation mirror neurons make it possible to go through the same process in a month, days and sometimes in seconds. Learn by observing how other people do something you want to be skillful at. Of course in order to be able to model one condition needs to be in place – you need to have someone experienced near you.

Human touch

How much easier and more fun is it to be in the company of friends and partners rather than to be a solitary traveler? The whole history of human evolution is a proof that: we are social creatures after all, our power multiplies through social interaction, support and team effort.

So why not use it to your advantage? Share you frustrations and achievements with your team, support them and be supported! It just doesn’t make sense to travel alone, does it?

What our clients say

Judit Varkonyi-Sepp

Coaching psychologist, Business Management Specialist and Change Facilitator at
“My life has completely changed through the course …”

  • Design of the program 90% 90%
  • Group support 90% 90%
  • Impact and effectiveness 100% 100%

Mark Warren

Success Coach at Mark Warren Coaching. Signpost Intervention. “The program really gave me a framework to understand what I was doing when I was procrastinating…”

  • Design of the program 85% 85%
  • Group support 90% 90%
  • Impact and effectiveness 90% 90%

Jan Morgan

Coach at Olive Grove Perspectives. “I found the course really enjoyable and easy to understand …and I also know why I procrastinate which means I can do something about it.”

  • Design of the program 85% 85%
  • Group support 90% 90%
  • Impact and effectiveness 95% 95%

Timely Group Support

Accountability, discussions and partners are the factors that make a difference.

Communication, focus and structure

Professional supervision, home assignments, support and communication on a weekly basis.

Innovative Approach

Blend of professional coaching, training and facilitation ensure high results and efficiency.

Advanced Technology

Totally online, mobile access to sessions and recordings, communication from any device at any point in the world

Don't Be Shy. Choose Your Key.

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Measurement & Accountability



  • Support 90% 90%
  • Structure 85% 85%
  • Measurement and Accountability 95% 95%
  • Effectiveness 90% 90%

Our Results

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