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Challenge One

At the moment the coaching and training industry are practically 100% focused on and serving a particular clientele – the corporate world, CEOs, managers, teams, leadership, businesses, etc.

That’s “where the money is” and it’s totally understandable.

But what about the billions of people who cannot afford to pay $200-$300 for just one coaching session? Life coaching does exist but on an individual basis, and it is not affordable to the majority of the public.

Challenge Two

One of the biggest problems in coaching is measurement. At the moment there are no tools or instruments which allow a coach to demonstrate a client’s progress in a tangible and measurable manner.

Challenge Three

It is a real challenge for certified coaches to succeed in the coaching business because they try to do everything by themselves, which is an extremely inefficient way to run a business.

In the start up stage the majority of coaches/trainers do not have the resources (and often also lack the skills and knowledge) to effectively outsource, cooperate or partner with other businesses to make their own business more sustainable and solid.

Very often coaches perceive another coach as a competitor instead of a potential partner, which can be very short sighted. In combination with Challenge 1 (targeting the same clientele) the majority of coaches feel that the coaching marketplace is overcrowded and becoming more and more difficult to get an ongoing supply of clients.

The Solution

A unique set of psycho-technological tools (our own development) in an elegant combination with innovative ways of delivering coaching/training to a group of participants.

This setup allows us substantially reduce costs and make our programs affordable to practically everyone.

The combination of live (online) sessions with an automated (out of classroom) but personalized home-based coaching process ensures optimum results.

The Solution

We have developed multiple online instruments (psycho-technological tools) which demonstrate the starting point of participant’s journey in areas such as: definition and setting up of the goal, the energy level, the mindset etc.

The Solution

We invite coaches and trainers around the world to participate and cooperate by:

1) using our online tools for free in their individual practice

2) becoming our affiliate partners and earning lucrative commissions by helping us to spread the word about our mission and our company

3) becoming our full partner and earning even more commissions working as a coach/trainer of the CreateMyKey programs.

Our project aims to unite coaches and trainers around the globe by making the services of our industry affordable for majority of the working population.

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Use Our Tools

We invite coaches and trainers around the world to use our psycho-technological tools in their work with individual clients for free. Just spend few minutes registering through this site as an affiliate and you’ll get your personal code to access all our tools. No cost and no limitations as long as you only use them with individual clients.

Become Our Affiliate Partner

Why not spread the word, help others and at the same time earn 30% commissions? Our customers are people who are not willing (or can not afford) to work with an individual coach. Nothing to lose but lots to gain. It will take you 2-3 minutes to register and become our Affiliate Partner.

Become Our Full Partner.

Apply for the Full Partnership Program and become our Coach/Trainer Partner eligible to lead CreateMyKey programs and earn as the Coach 25% commissions from program earnings.

What our clients say

Judit Varkonyi-Sepp

Coaching psychologist, Business Management Specialist and Change Facilitator at
“My life has completely changed through the course …”

  • Design of the program 90% 90%
  • Group support 90% 90%
  • Impact and effectiveness 100% 100%

Mark Warren

Success Coach at Mark Warren Coaching. Signpost Intervention. “The program really gave me a framework to understand what I was doing when I was procrastinating…”

  • Design of the program 85% 85%
  • Group support 90% 90%
  • Impact and effectiveness 90% 90%

Jan Morgan

Coach at Olive Grove Perspectives. “I found the course really enjoyable and easy to understand …and I also know why I procrastinate which means I can do something about it.”

  • Design of the program 85% 85%
  • Group support 90% 90%
  • Impact and effectiveness 95% 95%






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