Harmonious Relationship Key

“Whether you realize it or not there is a magical world where incredible things are possible and the door to this world is always within your reach. The door is actually hidden in your psychology. The only question is: do you have the key?”

Alex Khrapov, Author of forthcoming book
“Unlock Your Potential: Psycho-technology at your fingertips”

Step One

State your goal and take our Harmonious Relationship Key (HRK) test to get a snapshot of your current position in relation to your Goal. You will then receive an email with specific information about any roadblocks you may encounter on your way towards your goal.

The result of the test is presented in the form of a Key (see example on the left) where each tooth stands for one particular obstacle that can prevent you from reaching your goal. After you get your personal key the description of the each tooth can be seeing by clicking on the corresponding tooth’s body.

Step Two

Get access and analyze your detailed report.

Step Three

Now it’s time to join our Harmonious Relationship Program! Working for 2 months with one of our professional coach/trainers in a small group environment will ensure you move more steadily towards your goal in the most powerful way.

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